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A patient being treated at a Dallas hospital was diagnosed with the Ebola virus, the CDC says.
30.09.2014 - 21:21
Pro-democracy protests are expected to grow on China's National Day -- the deadline set by demonstrators demanding China allows Hong Kong residents to elect their own leader.
30.09.2014 - 20:43
RAF Tornadoes launched strikes against ISIS fighters that were attacking Kurdish ground forces in northwestern Iraq, the British defense ministry says.
30.09.2014 - 20:38
Thousands of demonstrators are drenched by the stormy weather, however, they continue to protest, CNN's Ivan Watson reports.
30.09.2014 - 20:38
Tens of thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators continue to fill the streets, CNN's Kristie Lu Stout has the details.
30.09.2014 - 20:38
Once the world's fourth-largest lake -- now a vast toxic desert.
30.09.2014 - 20:23
We are putting unsustainable demands on Earth, study warns.
30.09.2014 - 20:23
The creator of StealthGenie, a mobile app marketed as a tool for spying on cheating spouses and keeping tabs on children, has been arrested, according to federal authorities.
30.09.2014 - 19:20
Reliance on legal and military means to combat ISIS is a gift to extremists, says one analyst.
30.09.2014 - 19:15
CNN's Nima Elbagir reports from a tiny Spanish enclave that may be a launching pad for militants.
30.09.2014 - 19:14


Britons' spending on prostitution and illegal drugs bolsters the UK economy by as much as £11 billion (US$17.8 billion) per year, according to newly published figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS).
Avtor: RT
30.09.2014 - 21:23
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed on Tuesday that the first domestic case of Ebola was diagnosed in the United States of America.
Avtor: RT
30.09.2014 - 20:57
China’s positive reaction on the success of India’s Mars Orbiter Mission is a very mature move which proves the skeptics of India-China bonhomie wrong.
Avtor: RT
30.09.2014 - 20:56
Roughly one-in-five American workers have been laid off during the last half-decade, according to a recent report, raising new doubts about exactly how secure job stability really is within the United States.
Avtor: RT
30.09.2014 - 20:39
With his final term in the White House nearly halfway over, United States President Barack Obama remains far from fulfilling his campaign promise of closing down the Pentagon’s detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
Avtor: RT
30.09.2014 - 20:14
Hong Kong is witnessing one of the city's largest rallies in decades, with tens of thousands of people taking to the streets to join a protest movement, widely known as #OccupyCentral, demanding election reform.
Avtor: RT
30.09.2014 - 19:33
On the heels of a failed attempt in Scotland to separate from the UK, longtime American lawmaker Ron Paul is opening up about his take on secessionism in the United States.
Avtor: RT
30.09.2014 - 18:33
Russia is ready to resume gas deliveries to Ukraine only after it pays $2 billion of its debt and makes a $1.9 billion advance payment for future supplies, Russian Minister of Energy Aleksandr Novak said.
Avtor: RT
30.09.2014 - 18:14
High schools in North Carolina and Kentucky were placed on lockdowns after two separate shooting incidents that left one student injured at each school.
Avtor: RT
30.09.2014 - 18:11
​The Pentagon has supplied at least eight counterinsurgency and military-planning experts to Kiev to help Western-backed Ukrainian forces engaged in tense conflict with Russian-speaking populations in the east.
Avtor: RT
30.09.2014 - 18:03


Ebola outbreaks in Nigeria and Senegal appear to have been contained, US health authorities say, with no new cases there since August.
30.09.2014 - 21:41
RAF jets attack two Islamic State targets in Iraq - the first strikes since Parliament approved military action on Friday.
30.09.2014 - 21:37
The first case of Ebola diagnosed on US soil is confirmed by medical officials in Dallas, Texas.
30.09.2014 - 21:36
Panama inaugurates a museum designed by world-renowned architect Frank Gehry to celebrate one of the world's richest eco-systems.
30.09.2014 - 21:34
Heavy fighting is reported on both sides of a key border crossing between Iraq and Syria, where Kurdish forces are battling Islamic State militants.
30.09.2014 - 21:27
Manchester City are still without a win in Champions League Group E after Francesco Totti's goal gives Roma a point.
30.09.2014 - 21:19
Crews from 10 fire engines tackle a blaze at the former Majestyk nightclub in Leeds city centre.
30.09.2014 - 21:16
Nemanja Matic scores a first-half header as Chelsea beat Sporting Lisbon to go top of Champions League Group G.
30.09.2014 - 21:06
A man is jailed for life for murdering his partner, who was pregnant with her second child when she was stabbed to death.
30.09.2014 - 20:58
Argentina deposits $161m in bond interest payments with the state-controlled Nacion Fideicomisos bank, in an effort to skirt US court rulings.
30.09.2014 - 20:57


Official spokesman for the Russian Investigative Committee Vladimir Markin said that the agency would study the role of representatives of the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine in "covering-up the genocide of the Russian-speaking population in the country
30.09.2014 - 13:33
First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee for Foreign Affairs, Vladimir Dzhabarov, said that the Federation Council suspends inter-parliamentary contacts with the countries that supported anti-Russian sanctions, including the USA
30.09.2014 - 12:25
The Ukrainian service for veterinary and sanitary control banned the imports of products from the territories that came out of the control of the current government and the army
30.09.2014 - 12:18
Large-scale involvement of private Russian and international investment to create new high-tech industries with well-paid jobs and a high tax potential - this is the main goal of the economic policy of the governor and the government of the Tyumen region
30.09.2014 - 09:45
The EU Council for General Affairs postponed the creation of the free trade zone with Ukraine till January 1, 2016
29.09.2014 - 14:53
A fisherman from Arkhangelsk caught a bizarre fish with a human-like jaw. As it turned out, the fish was a guest from the tropics that swam into the waters of the Northern Dvina River
29.09.2014 - 13:32
The Tyumen region, consisting of three equal subjects of the Russian Federation, took several steps, owing to which the region will be able to remain a stable foundation for the economy of the entire country for many years ahead
29.09.2014 - 13:17
First Deputy Prime Minister Andriy Purgin DNR reported that about four hundred bodies now in the morgues of Donetsk and the surrounding towns under the control of the self-proclaimed People's Republic of Donetsk
29.09.2014 - 12:51
European Parliament member Rebecca Harms was denied entry to Moscow, which caused extreme dissatisfaction from the German Ministry for Foreign Affairs
26.09.2014 - 11:03
In Nizhny Novgorod, a monument to Russian Emperor Peter the Great was unveiled. It was Peter the Great, who signed a decree in 1714 founding the Nizhny Novgorod province
25.09.2014 - 15:04


Schalke were lucky to come away with a point against visitors Maribor in their Group E match in the Champions League. Klaas-Jan Huntelaar scored the equalizer for the Royal Blues.
30.09.2014 - 20:44
The US and Indian leaders have met for formal talks at the White House, focusing on trade and economic ties. Narendra Modi's warm welcome comes nine years after Washington refused him a visa on human rights grounds.
30.09.2014 - 19:45
Amnesty International has said some 200 refugees presumed to have died in a major shipwreck last year could have been saved if Italian and Maltese authorities had not dithered over rescue operations.
30.09.2014 - 18:59
Kenya's gross domestic product has grown by a quarter after the government adjusted its base year calculation. Now ranked Africa's ninth-largest economy, the country could have an easier time taking on more debt.
30.09.2014 - 18:05
A penalty from Thomas Müller secured a Champions League group stage win for Bayern Munich, who were on the road in Russia to face CSKA Moscow. UEFA sanctions against the hosts meant the stands were empty.
30.09.2014 - 17:52
Buenos Aires has deposited millions of dollars to pay interest on bonds restructured a few years ago. The down payment was made at an Argentine trustee bank to circumvent a disputed US court ruling.
30.09.2014 - 17:45
The UN mission to combat Ebola, which opened its headquarters in Ghana, is laying out a strategy to bring the disease under control. Another UN body reports that Ebola orphans are being shunned by suspicious relatives.
30.09.2014 - 17:19
The UN's Ebola response chief has vowed to achieve significant progress within 60 days. UNICEF, meanwhile, has warned thousands of children who have lost parents to the epidemic are at risk of being shunned by relatives.
30.09.2014 - 17:09
The German media is in panic-mode after revelations that only a fraction of the country's war planes are ready to fly for NATO. But the problem has been around for a long time - and it's not just Germany's.
30.09.2014 - 16:04
Iraqi Kurds have made gains against "Islamic State" militants at a strategic crossing on the Syrian border. Elsewhere, the jihadists are said to have advanced closer to the frontier town of Ayn al-Arab, or Kobani.
30.09.2014 - 15:51


The world's animal population has halved in 40 years as humans put unsustainable demands on Earth, a new report warns. The WWF says the dramatic decline in wildlife will cost the planet billions.
30.09.2014 - 15:50
With an efficient subway, inexpensive taxis and a good bus system, Hong Kong is normally one of the world's easiest major cities to get around. Now, as protestors occupy the city, traffic is paralyzed.
30.09.2014 - 11:37
Architects from more than 50 countries are competing at the world's largest architecture festival this week in Singapore.
30.09.2014 - 07:09
Angelica Cheung, one of the most respected voices in Chinese fashion, says Chinese there are changing so fast that brands can't keep up.
30.09.2014 - 00:36
DreamWorks Animation investors have been grumpier than Shrek the ogre this year. But will a reported takeover offer from SoftBank lead to a happy Hollywood ending?
29.09.2014 - 16:22
William Yu is trying to improve the quality of life for thousands in Hong Kong living in sub-divided flats.
29.09.2014 - 16:21
You've heard of Banksy, but have you heard of Bambi? Not the Bambi of Disney fame, but the one dubbed street art's new star. Her work sells for big bucks, but no one knows who she is.
29.09.2014 - 15:12
Islamic banking is gaining in popularity among non-Muslim customers. CNN's Jim Boulden reports.
29.09.2014 - 14:51
Africa, where 70% of the population is under the age of 30, is buzzing with business ideas and innovative spirit -- but who are the continent's brightest young entrepreneurs?
29.09.2014 - 10:47
If just one thing could define emerging economies it's a young population -- and no other place reflects this more directly than in the world of tech startups.
29.09.2014 - 10:47


California Governor Edmund Brown signs a law banning single-use, plastic bags at grocery stores, pharmacies and other retailers beginning next year.
30.09.2014 - 20:02
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30.09.2014 - 19:49
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30.09.2014 - 19:39
Even if your bank account doesn't have millions, you can still use their investment strategies.
30.09.2014 - 19:22
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30.09.2014 - 19:19
The Worldwide Web is riddled with holes and bugs, and it is beyond repair.
30.09.2014 - 19:06
If startups begin imploding, it could infect Wall Street, especially young tech stocks that haven't been profitable for long.
30.09.2014 - 19:04
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30.09.2014 - 18:17
Carl Icahn is on a hot streak. The activist investor is known to play hard ball. It worked again with eBay.
30.09.2014 - 17:07
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30.09.2014 - 16:25


Barcelona suffer their first defeat of the season as PSG move top of Group F after a thrilling 3-2 Champions League win.
30.09.2014 - 21:43
Manchester City are still without a win in Champions League Group E after Francesco Totti's goal gives Roma a 1-1 draw.
30.09.2014 - 21:19
Nemanja Matic scores a first-half header as Chelsea beat Sporting Lisbon 1-0 to go top of Champions League Group G.
30.09.2014 - 21:06
Kenny McLean's late penalty earns St Mirren an unlikely point at Pittodrie as Aberdeen are left to rue missed chances.
30.09.2014 - 20:47
US Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps has been arrested for driving under the influence, police in Baltimore say.
30.09.2014 - 20:09
The International Paralympic Committee will discuss the sports for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics at a meeting next month.
30.09.2014 - 18:59
Striker Daniel Sturridge and defender Mamadou Sakho are not in Liverpool's squad for the Champions League game at Basel.
30.09.2014 - 18:43
Thomas Muller scores a penalty as Bayern Munich beat CSKA Moscow 1-0 at an empty stadium in the Champions League.
30.09.2014 - 18:40
BBC sports editor Dan Roan on whether a possible Ofcom investigation could harm the richest football league in the world?.
30.09.2014 - 18:06
Vincent Tan has no sympathy for ex-Cardiff boss Malky Mackay over the timing of a dossier of misconduct allegations.
30.09.2014 - 17:28


Opera is an art form that has sometimes been seen as a bit elitist. Ghanaian singer Nino challenges that perception by adding his own twist.
30.09.2014 - 21:00
US author Lionel Shriver has won this year's BBC National Short Story Award for her story Kilifi Creek.
30.09.2014 - 20:33
Radio DJ Neil Fox - known as "Dr Fox" - is arrested in London by police investigating claims of sex offences.
30.09.2014 - 18:51
The BBC Trust's editorial standards committee criticises Horrible Histories for giving the impression that Florence Nightingale had been racist.
30.09.2014 - 16:47
Artworks belonging to former Philippine first lady Imelda Marcos are seized by authorities who claim they were acquired with embezzled state funds.
30.09.2014 - 14:03
A special live screening of Billy Elliot the Musical Live tops the UK and Ireland box office taking £1.9m - making it the highest grossing event cinema release.
30.09.2014 - 13:40
Virgin Media asks Ofcom to investigate the way that the Premier League sells its TV rights, saying the present system is causing "significant consumer harm".
30.09.2014 - 13:08
Evan Davis's debut as main presenter of Newsnight attracts an average of 500,000 viewers - half the number who witnessed Jeremy Paxman's swansong.
30.09.2014 - 11:22
A Cornish city is to have its first screening of Monty Python's the Life of Brian after a council ban more than 30 years ago.
30.09.2014 - 11:05
Chinese cinema box office revenue surges 32% in the first nine months of the year, figures show.
30.09.2014 - 10:41


Polish student criticised for "grotesque" and "unethical" love letter during what appeared to be a routine operation on someone else's pet

30.09.2014 - 17:19
As Lena Dunham's book is published, which Girls character do you most identify with?

30.09.2014 - 15:46
Alan Crowley makes a timelapse video showing his recovery from ebing slashed in a brutal unprovoked attack in Dublin

30.09.2014 - 15:45
Asher Silva Vargas owns a world record-breaking 3,000 pieces of Harry Potter memorabilia after realising he should take his love of the franchise seriously when the "treasures" took up more than one room

30.09.2014 - 13:45
A diver captures the moment one great white shark attacked another in a vicious fight near the south Australian coast

30.09.2014 - 13:21
The Roundabout Appreciation Society has named the Stonehills roundabout in Gloucestershire the best of its kind in Britain. Thrilling, we're sure. But what other unlikely societies can this country boast?

30.09.2014 - 13:10
A baby meerkat, a monster pumpkin and Boris Johnson makes a brick

30.09.2014 - 11:15
Caroline Connan looks at the technicalities of landing a helicopter on a luxury yacht - it's not as easy as you'd think
30.09.2014 - 11:09
Ayperi Alekseeva, 18, came close to death because she couldn't eat or drink - but doctors were shocked when they found the cause
30.09.2014 - 10:33
In pics: The winner and the runners up in the Roundabout of the Year competition
30.09.2014 - 10:05