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Slovenian doctors are murderers


 If they want to stay alive, patients should stay away from Slovenian hospitals, which have become the hospitals of death and corruption.

People should avoid Slovenian hospitals, because in them there is a lot of medical misbehaving.

How many doctors of Death are in Slovenian hospitals?


For many Slovenian doctors the best chronic patient is dead patient because dead patients are the cheapest patients. Because of that many decisions of Slovenian doctors are going in direction to cause the death of the (chronically ill) patients as quickly as possible.

Dead patients is the cheapest one


Doctors are not doing their job professionally and are causing damage to their patients.

There are some parts of medical care in Slovenia that are quite good. For example, heart surgeons and some other specialized doctors are perceived as highly competent.

But the rest of medical system in Slovenia is totally ruined.

Slovenia has extremely underdeveloped medical system which lacks in humanity and is full of greed.

Medical chamber of Slovenia is also known for being an institution which is not protecting the medical profession, but is rather protecting unprofessional doctors. So it cannot provide the rightful justice for the victims of Slovenian medical system.

One of the major culprits for disastrous situation in Slovenian medical system is FIDES, the Slovenian labour union of doctors.

FIDES has destroyed humanity in doctors and has implemented greed for money. Fides has forced Slovenian policy to raise the wages of doctors significantly. This has caused among other things the severe reduction of available funds for treating patients. Now Slovenia has doctors with extreme incomes and hihgly reduced treatment of patients because of the lack of funds.

In Slovenian system there is a lot of corruption and misuse of financial means.

Doctors are not providing the equal medical care for all their patients. Some of the patients was mistreated.

All the deaths of the patients that occurred in hospitals due to mistreatment are covered up by doctors.

Slovenia has highly incompetent legal justice system, which is not capable of producing justice. This is quite known fact about Slovenia.

Because of the cover-ups in Slovenian hospitals (wrong diagnosis, staged or even falsified reasons of death of the patients, etc.) Slovenian judicial system is even more incapable of bringing the corrupt doctors to justice.

There are also very tight friendly relationships between judges and doctors, therefore judges don’t want to harm their medical friends.

Doctors are aware of the fact they are practically untouchable in Slovenia, because of the protection provided by corrupt Slovenian judicial system.

This situation has led to severe misdoings in Slovenian medical system.

There is also one another problem in Slovenia.

A lot of money in Slovenian medical system is spent by greedy commercial agents, extremely greedy Slovenian doctors (because of FIDES).

Because of that there is lack of money, even though medical system receives substantial amount of money from medical taxes, but all of that money is spent by greed and some faulty investments.

Because of the lack of money, the governments in Slovenia have implemented austerity measures that have made the situation even worse.

Because of the austerity measures doctors became inhumane. They didn’t want to provide proper medical care to some people in need and they are doing everything to cut the number of patients in order to cut the medical costs.

Even some deaths are related to that problem.

Slovenia is facing with cases of illegal euthanasia, performed by Slovenian doctors.

In some amount of cases Slovenian doctors are doing everything to avoid costly treatment of patients, especially patients with serious illnesses. There is some mentality among some doctors in Slovenia that leads the Slovenian doctors to deliberately end the life of some of their patients.

There are cases of euthanasia in Slovenian hospitals, even though it is illegal in Slovenia. It is done in secret.

Euthanasia in Slovenia is not performed only for patients that want to die, but also for patients that are chosen by doctors in order to release the medical sources for other patients (e.g. hospital beds) or to avoid costly treatment of severely ill patients.

We have to ask ourselves, how much involuntary euthanasia has been performed in Slovenian hospitals until now in order to cut the medical expenses.

To give an example.

Some doctors know, that some particular patient has for example a bad liver and they know they can kill him by just giving the patient high doses of medicaments that are normally used, but because of the patient’s state these medications will cause the liver failure. So they know how to catalyze the liver failure.

Nobody will know that this patient has died because of the medical mistreatment, because there will not be any evidence for that. They know they will not be held responsible for killing that patient and also they can easily falsify the medical documentation to hide or cover-up the real causes of death or illness. They know their friends in judicature will have an easy job to exempt them from blame.

Some deaths in Slovenian hospitals are also connected with covering up of the mistakes in previous treatments of chronically ill patients. The death is the best way to cover up the mistakes or deliberate misdoings (for example secret experiments (tests on humans, conducted by doctors in cooperation with some pharmaceutical companies), harmful consequences of some medicaments, prescribed to patients that has become ill, because of that). Slovenian doctors know that the death is the most efficient cover-up.

It is horrible, that ethics in Slovenian medical system has collapsed to such an extent.

There are people in Slovenia, who have some medical conditions and are afraid to go to Slovenian hospitals, because they are afraid, they will not come alive from there.

And their fear is indeed justified.

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  1. admin pravi:

    A notice from Dossier korupcija:

    The above article (Slovenian doctors are murderers), was NOT based on the Ivan Radan’s case, but on another case (s).

    It was just a random coincidence that we had written and published this article at the same time as the Radan’s case emerged in other media.

    In Radan’s case there are allegations that at least seven chronically (or terminally) ill patients died prematurely because of some substances, that were injected in their bodies.

    Doctor Radan was arrested and put in custody, where he tried to commit suicide. Now he is recovering in the hospital.

    You can read more about the Radan’s case in the following article:

    RTV Slovenia: Doctor Radan charged with murder of seven patients, UKC also investigates nurses – Note: In this article there is no information about Mr. Radan’s alleged suicide attempt, because this happened one day after the article was published (on MMC RTV Slovenia).

    Apparentely Slovenia has severe problems with its physicians. Some of them are prone to kill their (chronically and terminally ill) patients, especially if they now, they will be able to hide the real cause of the death behind the grim prognosis of these particular patients.

    The Radan’s case is not the only case of mysterious deaths among patients in Slovenia.

    In our opinion the Medical Chamber of Slovenia, Health insurance agency of Slovenia (ZZZS) and the FIDES are to blame that there is no ethics in Slovenian medical system.

    Slovenian medical system has been deteriorating for some time now. Sadly to say, the medical system has been getting worse after Slovenia joined the EU.

    Now the medical system of Slovenia is in such a bad condition that it has began producing unnecessary deaths of the patients, especially the chronically ill patients (because of mistreatment by doctors and other medical stuff in Slovenian hospitals).

  2. admin pravi:

    The Slovenian commercial television POP TV has been provided with documents that reveal the horrific correspondence between some Slovenian doctors.

    Read the article (in Slovenian language): Correspondence between doctor Ivan Radan and his colleagues reveals terrifying details

  3. admin pravi:

    When the minister of health Milojka Kolar Celarc called for resignations of the top officials in UKC Ljubljana hospital and Neurology clinic, she said that she hopes, that Radan’s case is isolated case. We don’t believe her hope is justified. There are some other cases in other hospitals that are also very strange.

    University Medical Center Ljubljana is not the only hospital in Slovenia where patients have died in a strange way. The Radan’s case is not the only case in Slovenia, but it is the only case, that has appeared in public.

    We have fear, that everything will be swept under the carpet. We believe that Slovenian judges will delibarately acquit the hospitals (and doctors) from this accusations in order to save the confidence in Slovenian medical system. We have to know that many judges and doctor share their social space, they are friends, relatives. So in our opinion they will try to do everything to save their reputation. Sadly to say. Slovenia is country where legal justice is not the same for everyone.

    Slovenian medical system is part of the public sector and the Slovenian state will not let anyone to promote doubts in the proper functioning of the medical system in Slovenia, eventhough it is disastrous.

    In our opinion some doctors and personnel, who experience deaths of their patients very often (on daily basis), lose the humanity, they lose the compassion, they lose the responsibility for human lifes. Because of the austerity measures they become even more inhumane.

    They don’t see patients as human beeings anymore. They see them only as numbers and some of them want to get rid of their patients as quick as possible, because in their opinion, they represent only the cost for them (for the hospitals).

    We don’t believe that all deaths in Slovenian hospitals are the result of compassion. On the contrary. They are caused by the lack of compassion.

    Sadly to say. Many of Slovenian doctors have become careless and inhumane monsters.

    RTV Slovenia: Minister of Health Calls for Resignations at UKC and Neurology Clinic

  4. admin pravi:

    RTV Slovenia: Radan remains in custody. Cerar: This is a big dark stain.

    A few hihglights of the article:

    - Doctor Ivan Radan remains in custody.
    - Slovenian Prime minister Miro Cerar: “This is a very dark stain over Slovenian health system.”
    - A medical nurse: “It wasn’t my own will to inject too high doses of potassium in my patients. That was a doctor’s decision.”
    - One female doctor ordered the nurses to turn the patient off the ventilator. He was dying in agony for three hours.

  5. admin pravi:

    Retired physician dr. Andrej Robida has confirmed the information about poor condition and bad relationships in Slovenian hospitals.

    Dr Andrej Robida: “In Slovenia each year more than 1.000 patients die and 35.000 patients are injured due to mistakes during the medical treatment”

    The expert on patient safety, Dr. Andrej Robida, who worked in UKC Ljubljana for 14 years, said that in Slovenia each year more than 1.000 patients die and approximately 35.000 patients are injured because of the non-deliberate mistakes caused by doctors and medical personnel during the medical treatment. For easier understanding: Slovenia has cca. 2 million inhabitants.

    Dr. Robida is now retired, but when he was still working, he left the UKC Ljubljana, because of bad working conditions and bad relationships among doctors and medical personnel.

    He commented the information, that medical nurses are affraid to call the doctors during the night shift, because they are affraid the doctors will yell at them. Namely. Doctors don’t want to be bothered at night, when they sleep. Mr. Robida said that some of the doctors can afford to do that due to the poor Slovenian healtcare system, so they do it.

    He said that he would not feel safe, if he was a patient in Neurology Clinic in Ljubljana.

    RTV Slovenija: Radan’s case is just the tip of the iceberg and the terrible conditions (the video is in Slovene)

  6. admin pravi:

    The publicist Dejan Steinbuch has written the article Počil je gnojni tur, UKC imenovan – The purulent abscess has bursted, UKC appointed, that was published in the Slovenian newspaper Finance. In this article he has written, that some of the doctors bragged themselves to their friends, that they have so much money, they don’t know how to spend it.

    In the article there is also information about yachts, luxury cars and other luxury goods, that were bought by some rich Slovenian doctors.

    These article shows the haughty character of some Slovenian physicians.

    The fact, that they are so haughty, can be one of the reasons, why are the Slovenian doctors so arrogant towards their patients.

    They apparentely think, that they are untouchable and protected by corrupt Slovenian politicians and judges.

    Their carelesness about their patients (especially chronically ill patients) is merely a higher level of their arrogance.

    Apparentely they know very well, that they are protected by politicians and judges.

    Killing of their petients, arrogance, bragging about their wealth are different manifestations of the moral collapse in Slovenian medical system.

  7. admin pravi:

    Notice: The video of documentary about Harold Shipman in the above article has been changed, because the old video is not available on Youtube any more. The new video contains the same story about Harold Shipman.

  8. admin pravi:

    The focus in Slovenia is based on UKC Ljubljana and Radan’s case. But this is wrong. There are problems in other hospitals too. This article was based primarily on a case in other hospital, which is not even in Ljubljana.

  9. admin pravi:

    Doctor Radan was transferred to forensic psychiatry in Maribor (some sort of prison hospital). He was released from UKC Ljubljana, where he was placed after hurting himself.

    He is accused of allegedly murdering one more patient. Now, the number of allegedly murdered patients is 8. Radana odpustili iz UKC Ljubljana, premestili naj bi ga na oddelek za forenzično psihiatrijo

  10. admin pravi:

    The Radan case is not exceptional, unrepeatable occurrence. It is merely the only case, that surfaced into the public.

    RTV Slovenia: Minister believes the Radan case is exceptional, unrepeatable occurrence

    RTV Slovenia: Možina claims UMC is a safe institution, but people are afraid

  11. admin pravi:

    Slovenia should remove at least 30 percents of doctors and other medical staff in its hospitals in order to improve the conditions in deteriorating Slovenian medical system

    The ethics in Slovenian medical system is rotting like a rotting apple. Watch the video.

    In our opinion Slovenia has to remove at least 30 percents of doctors and medical staff in Slovenian medical system in order to prevent worsening almost criminal atmosphere in Slovenian medical system, that produces deaths of patients in Slovenia because of medical mistreatment.

    Conditions in Slovenian medical sector are not good.

    People are not safe (speaking in general).

    Dismissing at least 30 percents of medical staff in Slovenia and replacing them with less corrupt doctors and other staff would be the first step towards healing the Slovenian medical system, which is horribly ill and infected by inhumanity, irresponsibility and also corruption.

    We are extremely disappointed with Slovenian medical system and we are not alone in that oppinion, eventhough Slovenian politicians do not want to admit that, because they don’t want to admit, there don’t want to admit there responsibility for this.

    We have written more about that in another other, Slovenian article.

    Dossier korupcija: UKC should contain some of its employees (the article is in Slovene)

  12. admin pravi:

    Another death in Slovenian hospitals.

    RTV Slovenia: Tragic installation error – a patient dies after receiving laughing gas instead of oxygen
    Slovenske novice: They weren’t saving him, they were killing him (In Slovene)
    Slovenske novice: The picture of the deceased Edvard Gregorčič

    After installation 9 patients received reanimation, 4 of them died. So. The laughing gas could have killed more than one patient.

    Žurnal: White and blue tube mixed up (In Slovene)

  13. admin pravi:

    Slovenian doctor fired from the Institute of Anatomy in Ljubljana because he was selling human corpses

    Allegations: One of the Slovenian doctor Dean Ravnik is charged for selling human corpses. He said that he didn’t sell whole human corpses, but only certain organs.

    The Institut of Anatomy in Ljubljana, where Dean Ravnik was employed, obtains human corpses as gifts for research purposes.

    RTV Slovenija: Vodja inštituta za anatomijo Dean Ravnik odpuščen zaradi nepravilnosti s trupli
    Žurnal: Predstojnik inštituta za anatomijo Dean Ravnik naj bi prodajal trupla oziroma dele
    Slovenske novice: Slovenski zdravnik prodajal trupla?

  14. admin pravi:

    Many allegations and accusations against Slovenian doctor Janez Zimmermann, who moved his ordination from Slovenia to Italy.

    Another doctor says that one patient has lost his leg because of the complications after the operation performed by dr. Zimmermann.

    Dr. Zimmermann is a member of Medical Chamber of Slovenia and has a medical license.

    Medical Chamber of Slovenia: Dr. Janez Zimmermann – medical license

    RTV Slovenija: Ob nogo zaradi mazaškega zdravnika (the article is in Slovene, translation: Patient’s leg was amputated because of the “charlatan” doctor)

  15. admin pravi:

    New articles about Slovenian doctor Janez Zimmermann. In English.

    RTV Slovenia: Tale of quack surgeries – why supervision failed
    RTV Slovenia: Without a leg because of a quack doctor – To earn money he also operates on healthy legs

  16. admin pravi:

    RTV Slovenia: Charges filed against two doctors at neurology clinic. One reportedly switched off patient and let him suffocate.

    Charges have been filed against two female doctors at Ljubljana’s Department of Neurology suspected of negligence, informs the Ljubljana Police Directorate.

  17. admin pravi:

    32 -year-old Slovenian medical tehnician was the main organizer of the criminal group which was engaged in drug trafficking.

    Criminal medical technician was employed in Ljubljana University Medical Centre (Univerzitetni klinični center Ljubljana).

    Delo: Namesto medicinske bo nosil zaporniško uniformo (The article is in Slovene. Translation: Instead of medical, he will be wearing the prison uniform)



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Slovenski divi, Tina Maze in La Toya Lopez, sta predstavili svoj novi film

SLOVENSKI DIVI, TINA MAZE IN LA TOYA LOPEZ, POSNELI FILM Slovenska smučarka Tina Maze in slovenska pornesa La Toya Lopez sta ponosno predstavili svoj novi film. V Sloveniji očitno cveti filmska produkcija. Tako sta v svojem filmu zablesteli tudi slovenski divi, smučarska diva Tina Maze in porno diva La Toya Lopez. Smučarka Tina Maze se […]

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