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Political joke about Angela Merkel and 400 drones

Angela Merkel and the drone


Nowadays one of the greatest problems in Europe is the enlarged influx of refugees, coming to Europe from Africa on the overcrowded boats or ships.

Many of this people die, trying to come to Europe in quest for better and peaceful life.

Europeans are not very keen to see so many people coming to them. So they are looking away, even when some major accident with a lot of casualties happens in Mediterranean Sea. And there have been quite a lot of accidents until now. These accidents are something that happens on regular basis in the Mediterranean Sea. Especially Italians know that very well.

European politicians are oblivious to these accidents, because they know, they cannot do anything. The reason is that EU is overcrowded with refugees and it cannot take the burden of new refugees anymore. Especially some countries are flooded with refugees (Italy, Malta…).

The political joke below that we have made is trying to emphasize this obliviousness of the European politicians. We have used Angela Merkel, because in our opinion she represents the political mother of the European Union. Not the mother of EU, but the political figure in the EU, which is considered as the most important politician in the European Union and it is a motherly figure of the EU.

Angela Merkel is not only the “Bundeskanzlerin von Deutschland” but also the “Bundeskanzlerin von Europäischer Union“.

The political joke is based on the latest event in the Mediterranian Sea, when cca. 400 people drowned in the waters of the Mediterranean.

The political joke – Angela Merkel and 400 drones


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  1. admin pravi:

    Angela Merkel apparently has expirence with drones. One of the drone has even showed up on CDU’s election campaign event in Dresden (Germany), where the drone landed just in front of the German Chancellor. Watch the video below: